MF Toxinogenic Microcystis
Real Time PCR
toxic algae detection test

Real Time PCR Test for detection of toxic algae in water supply

MF Toxinogenic Microcystis
About MF Toxinogenic Microcystis
MF Toxinogenic Microcystis is a real time PCR detection kit for toxic algae in water supplies. Developed in close association with K-Water, one of the largest water utility companies in the world, MF Toxinogenic Microcystis is a PCR test to determine absolute quantification of the most common cyanotoxins in the water supply. Exposure to certain cyanobacteria neurotoxins may be an environmental factor to causing neurodegenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Compatible with most real time PCR instruments on the market today. The MF Toxinogenic Microcystis detection kit provides results in just under 4 hours for same day turnaround times and works with a minimum of 1ml water sample.
List of cyanobacteria detected
Type Microcystis Anabaena Oscillatoria Aphanizomenon
Picture Mediforum Microcystis Under A Microscope Mediforum Anabaena Under A Microscope Mediforum Oscillatoria Under A Microscope Mediforum Aphanizomenon Under A Microscope
Morphology Small globular cells usually clumped together into large colonies Uniseriate, straight, curved or spiral trichomes Linear single row of cells or unbranched filaments Straight trichomes or rafts of clumps of parallel trichomes
Optimum Growth Temperature 25°C-35°C, 77°F-95°F 20°C-25°C, 68°F-77°F 20°C or less, 68°F or less 20°C-25°C, 68°F-77°F
Time of Year Late Spring - Late Fall Spring, Early Summer, Fall Spring - Fall Spring, Fall
Toxins Produced Microcystins and Cyanopeptolins Microcystins and Anatoxins Microcystins and Anatoxins Saxitoxins
Mechanism of Toxicity Hepatotoxic Hepatotoxic, Neurotoxic Hepatotoxic, Neurotoxic Neurotoxic
Mediforum MF Toxinogenic Microcystis Results
Figure 1
Results show sensitive detection using the MF Toxinogenic Microcystis detection kit, evaluated using a real time PCR using the 10 fold serial diluted positive control DNA and a set of target specific 4X oligo mixtures with the Mic qPCR Cycler (Bio Molecular Systems).
Mediforum MF Toxinogenic Microcystis Results
Figure 2
Regions within Korea where the MF Toxinogenic Microcystis detection kit has been deployed to test municipal and industrial water supply sources in conjunction with K-Water, Korea Water Resources Corporation.
Mediforum MF Cyanobacteria 16S rRNA ITS Results
Figure 3
Absolute quantification of Cyanobacteria 16S rRNA ITS gene.
Mediforum MF Microcystis mcyB Results
Figure 4
Absolute quantification of Microcystis mcyB gene.
Mediforum MF Microcystis 16S rRNA Results
Figure 5
Absolute quantification of Microcystis 16S rRNA gene.
Equipment Used
Compatible with most conventional PCR systems, including the CFX Series from Bio-Rad and Mic qPCR cycler from Bio Molecular Systems.
Mediforum MF Toxinogenic Microcystis Test Equipment - Bio-Rad CFX
Mediforum MF Toxinogenic Microcystis Equipment - Mic qPCR Bio Molecular Systems
Product Details
Product Name SKU Test Quantity per Kit Certifications Qualifications
MF Toxinogenic Microcystis Detection Kit MFMCDK 50 individual tests CE Mark K-GMP, ISO 13485